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Combining 30 years experience in Children's, TV, Film, Books and Digital Content.

We are an experienced team who have come together to build on a relationship based on creative and passionate storytelling.

With a wide and diverse wealth of experience we are driven by the need to consistently deliver the very best content possible. A company with a real desire to create Children’s content that entertains, educates and inspires the younger audience.

Everyone loves a good story with characters they can connect with

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Stephen Cosgrove


In 1973, Stephen Cosgrove while working as a vice-president of an investment company leasing company, went to a bookstore to buy a book for his then three year old daughter. He was looking for a fun to read story that contained a subtle message, but instead found very little of the content that he wanted. Consequently, he decided to write his own stories.

A year later, Cosgrove founded Serendipity Press, a startup children’s publishing house and sold an amazing 3 million books in less than three years and Serendipity Press became the benchmark for the mass-market children’s book industry. In 1978 Cosgrove merged his company with Penguin/Putnam in order to focus on the creation of new books.

He went on to write 70 titles for the Serendipity series that are still the foundation of his Serendipity series with over 85 million copies sold.

AStephen recently purchased the Serendipity book rights from Penguin and has re-launched the series with 24 books currently in print with plans to introduce 8 additional titles annually. With strong support from Wal-Mart, Costco, and other market resources the Serendipity Series is well on it’s way to resuming its dominance of the genre.

Cosgrove has been honoured with the Coors Lumen Award for career achievement and is also the winner of multiple Children’s Choice awards.


Richard Bradley


Bafta Award Winning Producer/Director with more than thirty year’s experience working in Children’s Television. A specialist in Pre School Live Action and Puppets.

Richard is a passionate believer in creating the best possible choice of content, and quality for the younger audience. He has worked with most of the main Children’s Channels including CBeebies, CBBC, CITV, Nickelodeon and Disney.

Richard began his career as a Production Trainee working on The Muppet Show for The Jim Henson Company.

Richard’s current credits include: The Furchester Hotel, Zingzillas, Teletubbies, Topsy and Tim, Grandpa in my Pocket. Pervious credits include The Hoobs, Big City Park, Planet Cook.



Luke Evans

Digital Creative Producer

Having studied Media Production and plying his trade with storylining and script writing teams for Eastenders and Hollyoaks, Luke has learn the art of storytelling with a creative eye. Early in his career he and his Production Team produced an Award Winning RTS Best Short Documentary.

Passionate about everything creative and a keen eye for producing original content, Luke has a hands on approach with every aspect of production.

Luke’s digital knowledge is astute and entrepreneurial with over seven years on line Digital Marketing experience.

With the a vast viewer choice now available on the likes of Neflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime, there are millions of users looking for shows and related content at the touch of a finger. Luke has all the experience and expertise to maximize the impact of content and it’s accessibility.