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YouNeek Music Picks – Ady Suleiman

As well as everything film based, we at YouNeek Productions keep close to our love of music. Almost obsessively. Our working hours are a background playlist in themselves so we like to keep ahead of new sounds that bless our ears when working away, but also for brilliant soundtracks and background music. Due to our constant selections in music for videos and love for music generally, we want to bring to you our YouNeek Music Picks during 2017.

So with this new segment, which we hope to run on a regular basis, we are going to pick an Artist that has stood out well above the crowd for us. The key is that they will be YouNeek, excuse the blatant wordplay, but they will generally be found in the chill, soul, urban categories of Spotify and can keep your music library fresh.

My first artist is one I was foresightful enough to go and see live in October in Birmingham. A small gig, (how I like them) that was utterly brilliant. Step forward, Ady Suleiman. He was beginning to come across my Spotify recommendations and playlists subtly and with me really in the mood to impress a girl I was close to I decided to take a calculated risk on purchasing 2 tickets for Ady at the ridiculously worthwhile price of £10 each. I. Was. Not. Disappointed!

Falling into the category of Soul quite easily, he is mellow, lyrical, honest and creates catchy, beautifully chilled vibes that are ever present in his EP’s and singles throughout. Before going to the gig I had got to grips with his tunes, ALL of which held their own and gave me pure joy when played live. Furthermore, his live show was brilliant. Energetic, personal and the exact same vibe the music releases was done so by his presence on stage.

Nottingham raised means we have another very exciting soul talent on our hands in England. Ady, in no doubt whatsoever will be gaining more and more fans in 2017 and has every right to earn huge success this year with his latest EP. It is stunning!

We certainly hope he reaps the success and can see how happy we are he is making music.

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Image credit and visit Ady Suleiman official website for more info.