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The event videography we do for The Marketing Push has been monthly since July 2022, ending the year with The BIG Marketing Push. YouNeek Productions support this event we set up with the driving force of friend and fellow business owner at Let’s Run Social.

The aim was to provide our local area with top quality speakers around the topic of Marketing. Instead of going to big cities like London or Manchester, we set out to bring the speakers here. What’s more, the event was free!

As part of providing the event videography, we only captured highlights initially. This was to create intrigue and FOMO as audiences grew. Always filmed with fun at the forefront, but showcasing invaluable knowledge shared by the speakers.

Over time, these videos would be the template for the marketing strategy for the previous and next events, which always grew month on month.


The event ran for 1 hour roughly. The key notes for the event videography was to capture people in the room, friendliness, the atmosphere of the room, which once you were there, you could feel and just how much note taking and knowledge was imparted within the two talks.

We didn’t capture audio on the speakers. This was added later on by an additional videographer focused on capturing the speaking content only.

The videos were never more than 60 seconds. This was to ensure engagement and to gain enough interest on social media. This was its primary audience to engage future visitors for the event.


We’ve been lucky enough to speak at 2 of these events now, with this one being the most recent. Yes, we did capture content and speak at the same event. We’ve been able to create a template that works for capturing content at an event and we’ve continued to maximise this as the events have continued.

It’s created a local buzz. Both with the event and the videos. Familiar faces have been spotted, and others make sure they get there to be “seen”.

Event videography in this format is simple as a single operated shoot. However, we also provide much larger productions for events. The AA Awards is a good example of that.

For both productions, the premise is the same for us. Capture reactions, not the action. That’s how you see the true value of what’s there in person.

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