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Pilgrim’s UK | Photo shoot

Pilgrim’s UK | Photo shoot


Our brief for Pilgrim’s UK photo shoot went through a few variances from the original concept. Pilgrim’s UK plans are big for future content, but once we took the logistics into account the project for us here was to produce amazing photography for the brand. They would use this imagery to add to their website, social channels and other marketing they’re doing at the moment.

A refresh was required, but as always, clients look for more than just a good photo. We understand this. Pilgrim’s UK were no different. Yes, they wanted great imagery for their website, but they also wanted headshots representing their chefs that showed off their personality. Action shots of food preparation, cooking and presentation. How the process was laid back, fun and not too stuffy.


For the photo shoot our plan was simple. Be us. We were the perfect fit for Pilgrim’s UK and this job, as we always create a fun atmosphere for our clients to work in. Cameras, lights and direction can be daunting for people who aren’t used to them. We make people feel comfortable and this is how we made them feel from when we arrived.

Automatically, that made the photo shoot fun for the guys. Logistically, we only had half a day for the Pilgrim’s UK photo shoot. With that in mind we needed to work efficiently, so we planned all head shots first. Meaning the lighting was set and we could roll through the chefs one by one. Adding in group shots, which weren’t originally in the brief, but easy enough for us to incorporate.

After that was completed, we could run through the action and food shots naturally, without having to interrupt their normal process.

As we like to do to add value, we offered a behind the scenes video for the day. We knew this would capture all of the above perfectly, without specifically being in their brief.


The outcome was delivered in 24 hours from the shoot. Pilgrim’s UK asked us for one specific shot so they could use it as part of their presentation a few days after our shoot. We didn’t just deliver that, we delivered the whole gallery. Needless to say, the client was very happy.

We had produced between 150-200 images from the Pilgrim’s UK photo shoot, and this was just a half day. They range between portrait and landscape images to give them options for usage. The specific scenes of the day contained everything they asked for and more. Plenty of options for food, preparation, action and presentation dishes.

Most importantly was the headshots. They now have a completely refreshed suite of images that they can use across their platforms of their chefs.

The additional bonus was the behind the scenes video, which brings together everything in video form. Having that gives them other options for more and varied content.

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