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Let’s Talk | An Original Format

Let’s Talk | An Original Format


Different to the other case study projects, this one is an original format YouNeek TV and Emotionally Connected have created. In brief, Let’s Talk is a format for 6 men who have volunteered and don’t know each other to talk about their own mental health and experiences they’ve faced. All with Clinical Therapist Dr Suzanne providing theories and feedback to allow the men to go deeper.

Let’s Talk is produced to broadcast quality to fit with the potential we believe this project has. Meaning our brief was to produce a format that was engaging, natural, but most importantly comfortable for the individuals taking part. We did this by carefully selecting a location to match the atmosphere. Dr Suzanne Brown from Emotionally Connected helped us create the right environment from a personal and professional capacity, all of which is incredibly useful in being able to make this what it is.

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As an Original format we had flexibility to be able to move this around how we saw fit. We’ve altered small things from session to session as we continue to evolve the production. Our crew was extensive and more detailed than many clients shoots we complete. Luke was the designated Producer, Richard the Director and Camera Operator alongside Oli who is a brilliant Director of Photography. Along with a Sound Recordist, these were the core non-negotiables to complete the format how we had envisioned it. We’ve also added roles such as Continuity, Production Manager, Hair and Make Up, Content Creator and Work Experience to ensure the filming runs as smooth as possible, but also to support Post Production and future content.

It is recorded as a live session, so once the cameras are rolling we are not looking to stop the conversation until Suzanne calls the ending. This means we have a lot of preparation, testing and mic checks to prepare. This is an area we’ve always placed particular attention to. We like the detail and give it the respect it deserves. With it being our own Original Format, we care deeply about how we’re completing each task as we know the content is game changing and we want it to reach as big of an audience as we can get it to.

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The outcome is there for all to see. It’s important to split it into two in our opinion. Production value and content. If we’re to talk about the Production value first, we are very proud of what we are producing. The sessions have been running from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. This has dictated how we break down the episodes. So far, we are averaging 3 episodes per session, which we feel is about right. We don’t and can’t cut to the end where it’s not natural, but we also can’t broadcast it in it’s entirety. Particularly when you engage with what the content is. The quality of the Production has been complimented and the fact it looks ready for TV is exactly what we were going for.

The content is on a different level. Suzanne is absolutely brilliant at what she does, but the guys, the volunteers are doing something hardly any men are able to do on a platform like this. However, they are all committed to changing the course for men being able to speak about their mental health. So far, they are delivering profound experiences that we know will hit many different types of people. Combined, we know we’ve created something magical.

I’ve been reflecting on the session from Monday and have to say what an amazing panel you have that openly share not just for themselves but for the benefit of others.

Listening to their stories really touched me and actually shamefully for the first time actually realised how men can fee, as they are so good at appearing to block out their emotions. I did a couple of times actually tear up, but held it together.

I think it is an amazing thing you are doing and happy to be a part of it.

Karen Massey
Photographer, YouNeek Productions
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