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Dental Practice | Launch Photography

Dental Practice | Launch Photography

An image of Avenue Digital at work


We have been working with Avenue Dental extensively leading up to their launch of opening a brand new dental practice. The brief evolved as soon as we started talking with them. Their aim was to be different and more digitally visible to their competition. They left it with us to provide the ideas for the content on how to do this. With us needing to wait until the practice was ready from building work, we put together a plan to create testimonials, meet the team, introductions and services, overview content plus photography for the new practice, headshots, interior/exterior and staff/customer interactions to show off the brand new practice. We were all aligned and ready to start working towards the launch.

An image of Avenue Digital at work An image of Avenue Digital at work An image of Avenue Digital at work An image of Avenue Digital at work An image of the Avenue Digital Signage


From the brief, we found a solution that aligned with their plans, but also enough content to last them a while after the initial launch. We broke the shoot down into two half days. This allowed us to get content done before the practice was open, so it could be shared in the build up to the launch. We focused on the team for the first half day. Capturing all of the meet the team clips along with the introductions and services. Partly because the rest of the location wasn’t ready, but it worked out.

On the second half day we had a Photographer working in tandem with the Videographer. Capturing a great mixture of behind the scenes, interior and exterior location content, headshots, staff/customer interaction and photos of the brand new equipment. The videography captured the same adding personality to the final videos.

An image of a YouNeek videography session during a video session for Avenue Digital A closeup image of a video camera during an interview


For the launch and ongoing content, we produced 19 videos and 50-100 photos for the team to release over time on their social channels and to live on their digital and physical marketing assets. From 1 day of production, that’s a lot of content to have produced ready to support the launch of the new dental practice and build momentum for the business.

The client has been able to fine tune content to suit their messaging and tone with opportunity to provide feedback, review and approve. They are very happy with the volume of content they have, especially as this was something they knew they wanted from the brief stage. They are looking to produce regular testimonial content to keep the strategy moving forward.

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  • Image during a videography session for Avenue Digital

Photos are great. Testimonials are great. The feedback from the morning overall was excellent, the patients and team really enjoyed the whole process and commented how you and Ana made them feel comfortable, it was great fun on the last filming day. These videos are great thanks. The outtakes are funny, I’m sure everyone will enjoy that.

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