Why Videos are a good idea for Estate Agents

When searching for something we are in the market for we will generally start our research online. When online we will browse around various sites reading information, reviews, sharing it with family or friends and coming to a decision about what we’re purchasing and where from. It’s at this point that we will either call, order online or make the trip to buy your item.

This process is no different to when you buy/rent a house. We went through the following process not that long ago, so have a think about it:

  • You look at places or areas to where you might want to locate yourself.
  • In this place you may look at the amenities there e.g. restaurants, parks, local attractions, schools etc.
  • From here you will look at the prices of properties in the area you are thinking of.
  • If too high, you will start the process again. If it’s within price range the research continues.
  • Various local estate agents websites will be visited, including the obvious visit to Right Move and the rest of them looking at maps, images and spec of the houses.
  • A list will be compiled of properties you like, want to know more about, arrange a viewing for or go into the Estate Agent to talk to someone about.

It will only be the next phase that the Estate Agent is actually physically involved. That’s around 6 steps that could vary from a week to 6 months or more of online research into the properties that you are advertising on your website. Obviously, Estate Agents will get the custom come through the door in the week and on weekends asking questions about properties and arranging visits and so on, which makes you busy, but what about the rest of the market online?

Video is another way to capture this audience. It’s another way to drive them through your office door or into your advertised homes. Two types of videos in particular that would sit well on your website are, a Location Video of the local areas you advertise in, and in house tours. The benefits of video are happening right now, see our blogs about the impact of video. Currently the amount of time spent watching videos hugely outweighs the average time spent on websites. We’d like to share why we think video would boost what you already have on your Property websites:

  1. Customers will stay on your site for longer.
  2. Customers will gain more information on the property e.g. space that photos can’t express.
  3. A really positive vibe can be given off on an in house tour through shot selection, music and effects as you can see here – https://youneekproductions.co.uk/property-video-in-warwickshire/ 
  4. A location video is a way of your website and company being able to give the customer all the information they need when looking for a house on your site whether they are from the area or not.
  5. It won’t put people off viewing your homes and speaking to the salesman, it will give more reason to do so.
  6. If 40% of customers watch video before buying a product, offer this 40% something useful to watch before buying/renting a house.

We think the above reasons are good enough to persuade Estate Agents to putting videos into their marketing plan and on their website. It’s no longer an after thought, and shouldn’t just be done on a mobile by an amateur. Make your houses stand out, make your website a portal for information for the customers you want to get into your homes.

If you would like YouNeek Productions to help you implement videos into your Marketing strategy contact us on one of the forms throughout the site.