What video services YouNeek Productions now offer?

YouNeek Productions have been successfully running the business for around a year and a half now. Since the beginnings of the ideas, single cameraman and editor we can now offer many more video services to help get you the exact video you require. We know how many components are needed to successfully run a production from start to finish. This is emphasised when you see the credits of a video or short film you’ve watched.

Knowing the direction we’ve wanted to take our business since the start we have been building a network and exercising our contacts to give our clients the best possible result with their video from ourselves. See the below expertise you will have access to by working with YouNeek Productions in your future projects:

  • Scriptwriters
    • Award winning scriptwriters who have worked on Eastenders E20, Hollyoaks, Music Videos and also create their own original ideas.
  • Camera Operators
    • Multiple camera operators who work regularly in the UK on BBC, commissioned films and abroad on overseas productions.
  • Directors
    • We have Directors who have experience of working their way up on film sets and on programs such as Doctors on the BBC and on award winning short documentaries with the Royal Television Society.
  • Editors
    • Multiple editors available with experience ranging from Lime Pictures, Hollyoaks, Music Videos and working on brands such as Audi, Maserati and the LTA – Lawn Tennis Association.
  • Audio Assistants
    • Audio cannot be overlooked as a separate entity in a production. We have specific assistants who ensure the sound is sounding perfect on set before our editors put it all together.
  • Voice Artists
    • A very well known Voice Artist is available to decorate your video with a professional, smooth and stylish voice over to give it that something extra.
  • Original Music
    • If a voiceover is not required, we can also create original music for your Videos so that you can avoid the extortionate copyright fees for popular songs.

These are all very strong elements to a beautifully created video. Ones that YouNeek Productions can provide all under one roof.

Find out what we can do for you and how by enquiring on the form below or giving us a call.