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Wedding Video Production by YouNeek Productions

YouNeek Productions love some creativity within new projects, so that combined with our guilty pleasure of love and romance we decided to dip our toe into some Wedding Video Production and boy did we enjoy it. This variation of what we are able to offer means going into 2018 and beyond we will be available for bookings for Weddings. It is something we are very much looking forward to.

Of course, any wedding couple looking to use us will want to see what we can produce, how we work and what we’re like as people. We are putting together this blog to give you an insight into those things. We hope that we get the chance to meet you to share our passion and enthusiasm for video production and show you how that will translate with your big day.


From the point of meeting you before you’ve even made a decision on your wedding video we have two packages available. Both of which are exquisitely planned for your day and budget. We, as a team have a combined 30 years experience in Broadcast and Production, with two BAFTA awards and multiple RTS Awards to bring to the table as well. We know what we’re doing when it comes to Production, but we also have ‘the eye’ for what makes a Wedding Video so special and unique. The ability of being able to capture the moments no one else notices.

In our packages we break down exactly what will come within the build up to your day, on your day and what we’ll do thereafter. Nothing is left to chance, but there are also some added extras in our higher tier package that will make your Wedding Video ‘wow’. Given our experience and skill we have two tier packages that we believe are of great value for what we do and what you’d expect.

Just like you, this is one day that you won’t have again. We work off of the pressure that each and every shot has to be recorded at the exact right time. Likewise, you have one video that needs to capture the best possible moments of your day that will last you a lifetime. Don’t have the feeling of regret a year later when you believe that your Wedding Video could have been better or captured more, when that’s exactly what we will deliver in both of our packages.

During the Pre-Production stage you are bound to be under a lot of pressure planning all of the things that come with your wedding so we will be taking all of the pressure of the video planning away from you. We would love to meet you, which goes without saying so we can get a feeling of yourselves as a couple, what themes are being used, what style you might like and what little nuances and storylines we could use.

Within this visit we’d aim to see some of the locations you’ll be using on the day. This is vitally important for the planning of each shot, particularly in the ceremony. For example, if we are able to see the Church and meet the Priest we will be able to gather the audio implications on the day and whether there’s a feed from the Priest we can use, how well lit the Church is and whether we need to use certain camera lenses to suit this along with shot placement.

One of the main aims of the day is that you guys don’t notice us. We don’t want to be on the middle of the altar with you, but if we can find places that are well hidden and still capture the best possible shot we will know during this stage. Same goes for the Reception. If we can see the size and get an idea of what decorations might be in there on the day, it gives us the best idea for planning our shoot. E.g. if it’s grand and there’s a lot of setting up to do, we will send one cameraman to get the ‘setting up’ material while the other is with the Bride during the morning preparation.

We know you will feel completely at ease with YouNeek Productions once you have first met us and can visualise some of the ideas we have for your day. Furthermore you will be very excited to know that your day in terms of the Video Production is in our hands.

Upon leaving you during the initial visit, we would look to get the contact details of your Photographer, Wedding Planner, Band and anyone else we may be connecting with on the day. This is just to make introductions and let them know what we’ll be doing for your Wedding Video. We found this works extremely well encase of using live music in the video, needing information of timings from the planner and ensuring ourselves and the photographer are of the understanding that for much of the day we will be shadowing each other.

Customer relations is something you 100% won’t have to worry about with us, we will build good relationships everyone we come into contact with in regards to your Wedding. From here, we plan, you continue to get excited for your big day.


The most important part of your Wedding Video Production is obviously the day itself. Everything will be moving 100mph for you, but we will arrive promptly first thing in the morning. This will be to begin capturing the Bride getting ready with her Bridal Team. We can also capture the Groom getting ready if requested, but if not our second cameraman will head off to the Reception area to capture the set up there. We always shoot Weddings with two cameraman to ensure all planned shots are captured in the way we believe will portray best in the final edit. This is something that will stand us out against others. Two cameraman to us, are essential.

We are a calm and friendly influence to have around and won’t impose ourselves anymore than you’d like us to. We will however, like to make sure we are getting the small details of looks, reactions, decorations, flowers arriving, final touches and vale being put on so we will be an addition to your team during those moments.

As we would have planned so much beforehand, we will be working on the schedule we have set and capturing all of the moments we know will make a difference. We won’t have our camera propped up and left on record for the duration, it will be handheld and acutely recording right at the key moments to ensure honest and genuine reactions. We do leave the microphone on for this camera as we find some brilliant sound bytes can be recorded during the morning. These can make for great additions to the final video edit.

Our team for your Wedding Video – two cameramen and camera assistant synchronize extremely well on the day knowing where each other are, what we are shooting and what timings we are working too. If anything happens outside of the schedule we are flexible enough between us to react quickly and put ourselves in the most important places. Nothing is a problem for us on the day, we are simply an extension of your team.

The cameras we use on the day are Full HD and are specifically chosen to sync best together as we have multiple cameras shooting meaning when we come to edit there are no differences in quality or colouring in either camera. We manage the audio on the day as well so we place a radio mic on the Groom before the ceremony as certain sound bytes can be caught in these moments. Later on in the day, before speeches we also ensure audio is catered for. Either from additional radio mics or setting up the feed from the main DJ/Microphone to record to our equipment.

As you can probably tell now, our packages work through the whole day up until your first dance. This is probably the best place to have our services up until as this tends to be where the formality of a wedding really ends. A typical days shoot would have the following covered:

  • Preparation
  • Location setting up
  • Ceremony
  • Travel if necessary to reception
  • Reception drinks
  • Speeches
  • Cake cutting
  • First dance

From this we are comfortable in knowing we have all of the content we need to make a brilliant video from the footage you’ve provided for us on your special day.

Post Production

This is possibly our favourite part of the Wedding Video Production. This section allows us to review all of the great footage we’ve recorded on the day to then put into a storyline we will have already loosely scoped out. We place an incredible amount of time and skill on this part of the Production, and it certainly requires it. We create two edits for you – a Full (Couples) video which is between 10 – 15 minutes and for your own use at home and with family. And a Highlights (Social) Video, which is normally a 3-4 minute version that you share online as it captures the day in a briefer format. These both contain copyright free music that is included in your package and a turnaround time that is better than average in the current market.


Between us in our team we take our time in carefully examining the footage to then decide an order and theme throughout the video. It may seem¬†obvious, but we have an eye for detail whilst being able to bring extra special moments from the day to a compelling storyline. Adding effects like black and white, slow motion, colouring differences and speeding up certain moments are decided here, but only if it enhances the story. We won’t put the whole video in slow motion just because others in the industry do. If we don’t feel like it is in keeping with your personalities and flow of the day we won’t do it.

Not to exaggerate, but this part of the Production is where a Video Production company can show you just how good they are. We are of course only as good as what we shoot, but paying the attention to what has been shot and being able to manipulate it in the best possible way suiting with your personalities, character, theme of the day and pace of events that happened is what we really pride ourselves on.

We will do this up until we are only 100% happy with what we have created. We won’t send it any sooner than that point. We will upload both of your videos onto our Vimeo/YouTube account, which will be password protected for you to view. Once you have seen them and are happy we will release the videos and send you the files for your own use. We keep the raw footage of your day in our archive for 6 months whereby it will then be deleted due to the size and space the files take up.


As mentioned earlier in this blog, we have two tier packages for your Wedding Video. Both include two videos, but please contact us to find out more on these packages as we would find it most beneficial to meet with you first to share our enthusiasm and passion along with the details of the packages.

Let us make your Special Day a day you can watch over and over again.