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Video – why you should use it!

The digital and video age.

We are currently living in a world that is fully embracing the digital and video age, with varies of digital and online trends booming. Keeping up with the latest and more exciting digital developments can be exhausting, however there are quick and easy methods to bring your website up to a competitive level alongside your competitors and also help with brand awareness.

Did you know in the year 2000, there were approximately 361 million people connected and online. In 2014 this figure had grown to over 3 billion people (a 764% increase), equating to over half the world. On average users spend 1900 minutes a month online equating to over 30 hours.

Living in a mobile world.

With so many users owning a variety of devices which are connected online, research has shown that today online video represents 50% of mobile traffic, demonstrating the strength and dominance of how effective online videos are, in both social and professional circumstances. This figure grows every year, by 2017, 69% of consumer internet traffic will be using videos as a decision making tool.

In previous years, online videos have seen triple digit growth figures with millions of people around the globe watching and sharing online videos on a daily basis. Online videos have become such an integral part of every companies marketing plans that many websites have incorporated YouTube videos to advertise and play on their website, an example of this is Netflix. It is now easier than ever to share and grow the viewing figures of your video.

Social media today is still growing and the capabilities to share information is becoming easier and easier. 1/3 of people online, spend their time on social media sites, approximately working out to 10 hours a month. This has shown the incredible impact both online videos and social media can have on a business via both sales and brand awareness. Online videos on these social media platforms have become such an integral part of the platforms, that Twitter has recently introduced an auto-play function whilst Facebook now offers businesses the opportunity to purchase video adverts.

The task of trying to make your own website more engaging can be a tough challenge. Research has shown that a website with a video adds an average of +2 minutes onto the user’s session duration helping the user gather more information and assisting in raising further interest. 68% of users who watch a video online, will watch more than 3/4 of the video.

With online videos making such a large impact for both individuals and businesses alike, a business now considers a video play on their website a call to action (CTA) as crucial as any other contact piece of information on their website. Already 81% of people feature their video on their brand website.

The digital world is continuously moving forward at such a fast pace it has left many businesses and individuals behind. Having the basic understanding of the impact of how online videos can help you, can make a large difference and can help you fulfil many of your or your business’ digital objectives. There has been no better time to take advantage than today!

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