Video posts or article posts?

Whilst casually sitting on Facebook one evening and scrolling through the dross timeline of moaning status’ and various ads, we pondered. When other people do the same on their evenings, are they more likely to click the article links people post, or the videos?

We thought we’d sum it up with a few simple bullet points of why we think people would and wouldn’t click on either type of link and which type of post may be more beneficial to your Business when getting seen and shared.

Article Posts

Why you would click?

  1. The title is intriguing
  2. A subject that interests you
  3. You are researching
  4. You have time on your hands
  5. You enjoy reading

Why you¬†wouldn’t click?

  1. Title is boring
  2. Subject is of no interest to you
  3. Don’t like reading
  4. Don’t want to read a full article that may not teach you anything
  5. Don’t have the time to read, you just want info quickly

Video Posts

Why you would watch?

  1. The title is intriguing
  2. A subject that interests you
  3. You want to see/watch something quickly
  4. Video is the best way to find something out quickly
  5. You don’t have much time

Why you wouldn’t watch?

  1. Title is boring
  2. Subject of no interest to you
  3. Internet connection isn’t great

Now, whilst all pros and cons first two points are the same it’s the rest of the points we’ve looked at. There’s a lot less reason for you to watch a video than there is to read an article. Most people online want to see something or gain information quickly and Video is the medium for this. So whether you are sharing a video or article for personal humour, or for your Business think twice about how people may view this then potentially use it going forward.

If you are a Business wanting to grab peoples attention on Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Media may we suggest getting your ideas together and condensing it into an informative video, but as brief and catchy as possible. This is what will be more than likely viewed by the wider spread of users.

So when thinking about what’s viewed and shared more, Video posts or article posts…try both and see the answers for yourself.