Advertising and Paid Social

Thanks to our extensive experience in all things digital, we’re expertly placed to help with your digital marketing, video advertising and paid social needs.

Here’s what we can support you with to ensure you’re making the most of your digital content.

Video Advertising

Over 50% of all online users have at least one social media account, making it an ideal place for businesses to target potential customers. In fact, 99% of 16- to 24-year-olds in the UK log in to at least one social media account a week.

For organisations today, social media should be a critical part of every digital marketing strategy. It helps raise the visibility of your business to a wider audience, increases traffic to your website and can help generate sales leads.

YouNeek Productions can help your social media platforms achieve the above, and more, with video advertising supported by paid social. To learn more, get in touch in today.

Paid Social

Paid Social is an important and effective channel for both engaging and converting potential customers online. Especially with Video advertising.

With our partners, we have built up a precise process over the years, helping organisations to achieve their goals through paid social advertising. Whether it’s getting a new brand name out there or increasing sales of a product, we’ve probably helped someone to achieve it.

Step 1

Develop a careful strategy with key objectives, campaign duration, assigned budget and identify the best platforms to target.

Step 2

Create a targeting portfolio covering location, demographic and behaviour to ultimately capture the most relevant audience.

Step 3

The creation of adverts using visually appealing and relevant content.

Google Display Network

Have you ever spotted an advert on a website and wondered how can you get your ads to show there too? The answer is by using the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network is a Google owned system which has the capability of publishing ads on over 2 million websites. These reach over 90 percent of internet users.

We can help you build a concentrated targeting list to reach the most relevant users for your business. Whatever it may be, YouNeek Productions can help ensure you reach the numbers you need to grow your brand's presence online and help drive additional traffic to your website.