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Is YouTube dominated by men?

It  is well known that YouTube is one of the most daily visited websites on the internet. The site racks up an average of 30 million visits and 5 billion videos are watched in a 24 hour period worldwide. Here at YouNeek Productions we are going to explore whether YouTube is dominated by males in both the…

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Video – Why you should use it?

We are currently living in a world that is fully embracing the digital and video age, with varies of digital and online trends booming. Keeping up with the latest and more exciting digital developments can be exhausting, however there are quick and easy methods to bring your website up to a competitive level alongside your…

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Music’s importance in Video

With beautiful shots and a story told with visuals, music is essential for directing a viewers mood and feeling. Whilst we don’t create our own tracks we know how important it is to get this absolutely spot on for the video our customers are looking for. With difficulties surrounding customers expecting to be able to…

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