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YouNeek Music Picks #2

YouNeek Music Picks – Hannah Woof Discover which brand new artist you should be listening to or buying tickets to see live. The music industry can feel like a large, daunting place for anyone, whether you’re a music fanatic, a regular listener or a total stranger to music that isn’t the charts. However, if you’re…

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YouNeek Music Picks

YouNeek Music Picks – Ady Suleiman As well as everything film based, we at YouNeek Productions keep close to our love of music. Almost obsessively. Our working hours are a background playlist in themselves so we like to keep ahead of new sounds that bless our ears when working away, but also for brilliant soundtracks…

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Music’s importance in Video

With beautiful shots and a story told with visuals, music is essential for directing a viewers mood and feeling. Whilst we don’t create our own tracks we know how important it is to get this absolutely spot on for the video our customers are looking for. With difficulties surrounding customers expecting to be able to…

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