Social Video

YouNeek Productions have a vast amount of Social and Digital Marketing experience. When combined with our expertise in video, it makes for a powerful tool.

Social videos are transferrable across a multitude of platforms. Creating one amazing video for Instagram can be used on your website, Facebook, Twitter and also be of use for additional marketing.

YouNeek Productions hold an incredible amount of knowledge about Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. This combined with excellence in Video Production is a powerful tool for your business to utilise.

Digital Content

Digital content is something everyone needs and uses. This example is simple, short, stylish and portrays us and our client exactly how we want to be. A story can be…

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Social Snippets

This social snippet for Emotionally Connected was created within a series we produced for them. We showed how a project can create relevant and useful social content, even if not…

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Planning for the future

Planning for the future is an important activity to review for all businesses at certain points of the year. However, this year, of all years, it has been essential for…

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Goalkeeper Training Sessions

Filming these Goalkeeper training sessions was a lot of fun. The purpose is to use them as promotion for Coaches and Clubs who have high level coaching, and use content…

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Product Advertising

Creating videos for Product Advertising was something we had been discussing with this client for a while now. Given the circumstances retail is in this year, having strategies to support…

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Luxury House Promo

Whilst searching for a luxury house to replace summer holidays that were cancelled, we came across some beautiful houses and websites. Most of which didn’t have a video with them.…

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