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Social video

Social Videos on a personal level.

As most of us know on a personal level, social media and video go hand in hand. Scrolling through our multiple feeds at some point during most days, we will encounter posts from people we like, from people we don’t really want to see from, click bait articles and videos. I don’t know about you, but I engage an awful lot more on the videos I see on my timeline. Whether shared or paid, it doesn’t really matter. And it is of a huge variety of content.

Why video stands out on social media.

Video is naturally more engaging. Especially when most videos on social media now have text over them, which helps if you’re at work, on public transport or your other half is asleep next to you. It makes videos much more popular than text posts and links. Just think about your own personal usage with social video and what you do when on social media.

Length of social videos.

You can watch and post videos of long length these days, but realistically the shorter the better and more likely you will be to watch it. Coming from a personal point of view, I would watch a social video that is maybe under 30 seconds and to my liking. If it’s longer, I’m probably thinking I don’t have time or I’ll have to wait until later, which is unlikely I’ll remember. From a Marketing point of view, it then becomes paramount that if you’re using videos on social media to keep them as concise and short as possible. You can analyse peoples engagement in the reporting suits of these platforms, which you will see what happens with people dropping off as the seconds pass on your video. Basically, keep them as short as you can.

Is the quality important?

A good question in our opinion. Our team has digital marketing experience and high end video production experience so we can answer this with two different heads on. Firstly, social platforms are there for social reasons. Quality isn’t the priority and in a lot of cases shouldn’t be. Content is key so if you want to do a Facebook Live at an event, that would work brilliantly for some people. However, if you’re posting about a product or a customer testimonial, you’d want that to look as professional as possible. For your brand, output should always be as good a quality as it can be.

Where do YouNeek Productions come in.

Well hopefully as a SME or larger corporate business you are reading this with some knowledge into videos, social media and digital marketing. Selling video as a tool for your marketing shouldn’t need pushing, but utilising it on social media and how to is where we want to help. We are offering packages now that are efficient in terms of filming costs, but also provide you with a stock of short videos for you to post as and when you want. For example, one days worth of filming could produce 10+ product videos, a staff testimonial and customer testimonial in the edit. These are then for your use across your website and social channels.

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