Social Video Case Study

Social Video Case Study

We are very excited to share the results on a social video case study campaign we ran over Christmas and into January. Our Case Study is with our brand new client for 2020 and was set up specifically to gain them more appointments in January.

The Brief

Our client was new to advertising on social media, and had to set up an Instagram account to try and capture that audience as well. To set the scene, this campaign had the following components to follow:

    • Run for 1 month
    • To bring in as many leads and therefore bookings as possible
    • Capture a particular seasonal audience
    • Maintain an exclusive image

The elements we brought to the table and our client was on board with were:

    • Very short video production at a fast pace encapsulating the venue without giving too much away
    • The style and tone of the video was set by YouNeek Productions
    • Our campaign experience and expertise to utilise their budget as best as possible
    • Website knowledge and experience to ensure the right tracking and reporting was set up

The Result

The final product of the advert is now on our website here, and as far as a case study goes, it has worked brilliantly and is well worthy of the budget it has had put towards it. The strongest highlight we can give it is:

We delivered a 733% ROI within a month of it being live.

To give these numbers and our social video case study some life, we must explain what they mean in context for our client.

Results Explained

The ROI is worked out from our overall spend against the value of a completed booking for our client. Obviously every client has different products and prices so the results can mean different things for different companies. For our client, it wasn’t about the volume of enquiries and bookings, it was about the quality. Delivering one booking was enough to show this level of ROI.

The campaign generated over 15,000 of views on the video that lasted at least 3 seconds. Our advice was imperative for this to generate these numbers. As video marketeers we understand what works in terms of social video length. The choice of our first shot was important to engage our audience and viewer to want to see more.

Post engagements with the advert continued to grow, and this included clicking the advert to go through to the Facebook page, or clicking the link to go directly to the website Рthe main goal of the advert. It also includes likes, shares and comments, any engagement.

Furthermore, we can tell from those clicks to the website how many people have filled out a form, downloaded a brochure or called our client. That is the true conversion of our campaign and what our client is ultimately measuring us on. Overall we received an above benchmark amount of conversions, particularly in this industry. Stack that up against any other form of marketing/advertising and you will just how much stronger this approach is.

Return on Investment

ROI or Return of Investment is ultimately the most important thing for a business. It is not always known what it is by the client, but in our case, we can give accurate detail on how their money is spent, and what we have achieved with that. For the client, we are certain this makes us, and our strategy a big win for them.

We urge any businesses looking to utilise video and their marketing budget to speak to us on how to make the most out of it. We are achieving great results, and can replicate the same for each business we interact with.