The Social, Mobile, Video trends for 2014

Some more trend predictions for 2014 coming from a top 10 here. However, we’ve picked out a few that scope across the social, mobile and video platforms to give you the ones we feel are most interesting and useful with our own comments beneath each one.

Mobile will truly become the first screen

Engagement rates on mobile devices exploded in 2013. Looking at Unruly’s campaigns alone, click-through-rates (CTR) on smartphones and tablets more than tripled. It’s a trend that looks likely to continue into 2014, with mobile video predicted to increase 25-fold between 2011 and 2016, accounting for over 70 percent of total mobile data traffic by the end of the forecast period (Source: Cisco).

  • You may notice Mobile as the first screen in your household already. Whether your other half is claiming to watch TV, but is really on their phone, shopping, using it as a TV Guide or just on Social Media the mobile phone is the first portal to use for any of these. With this in mind videos will become much more accessible via Mobile, and easier to watch with better Broadband services. The prediction makes perfect sense really.

Social video will amplify TV spend and demand TV budgets

Social video advertising – which sits at the intersection of social, mobile and video, the three hottest trends in digital marketing – has long been overshadowed by TV. But in 2014, we are going to see social video demanding a far larger share of the marketing pie. This will be fed by the launch of Facebook’s new video ad platform, while Twitter will also play a big part in 2014.

  • This is an interesting one that we’re going to keep an eye on. The first part of it we agree with and expect to see more of it through YouTube and other sites, but through Facebook may not sit nicely for some people. Users tend to go on to nose at friends, update their status and roam around the familiarity of their friends, families and life. Being interrupted or spammed by advertisers may disgruntle these types of users. However, this is a challenge for the people with the ideas and the camera. To gain these people’s attention means creating exciting, memorable and short videos that are quick to watch and easy to share. If done well, the power of that video could be HUGE!

Brands will question the value of a view

The value of a video view will come under huge scrutiny in 2014, as more and more brands will want to know their ad is actually in view and we’ll see a growing demand for guaranteed viewability. Secondly, the main purpose of digital video will change from purely brand awareness (cited by 94.6% of US media agencies as the prime objective of their campaigns) to other metrics further down the funnel. It’s not just about YouTube now. Smart marketers and brands are engaging consumers in their own native environments across the Open Web.

  •  This strikes us as a similar tool to measuring paid ads or PPC. If you are paying a set amount to make a video, and to advertise it on certain sites, you want to see how many impressions it makes, how many people view it and how many do something after watching that video. Ultimately, there is no guaranteed view out there in our opinion, you can only put it in the right places with the right title that lasts just about the right amount of time to entice a viewer in.

Facebook will shake up the video ecosystem

Facebook introduced its much-anticipated video advertising stream at the end of 2013.It means that rather than just embeddable videos, brands can now place auto-play ads directly into users’ news feeds. It’s a game-changing move by the social network, with Morgan Stanley predicting Facebook video ads could be worth $1billion market to the social media giant by the end of 2014, a figure which could rocket to $5.5 billion by 2019.

  •  Our thoughts on this are the same for the point a few above. It will shake it up undoubtedly. Both good and bad. We’re excited by the good though. Imagine creating a video for a brand that truly captures it’s audience and it then displays across into audiences who weren’t even in your market, but lead them to being interested in your video or product. The game will be shaken up, so it’s important we move with it and get the best out of it.

More brands will play the long game with short form video platforms

Whether you wanted a six-second fix or your 15 seconds of fame, the short-form revolution, led by Vine and Instagram Video, was certainly a big feature of 2013. Brands experimented with short form content in 2013, but in 2014 we’ll see platforms such as Vine and Instagram being integrated more meaningfully into marketing programmes. New players like Snapchat, Line and Keek will also have their say as advertisers look to make the most of this new trend of ‘ephemeral content’ over the coming months.

  • This will be good…if not at least for the while it lasts. Short videos are easy to watch, but for a brand, just how much can you say in 15 seconds of snippets. If you can do that, do it, it’s highly effective. But if you are a brand wanting to put more info out there, the videos more toward a professional feel and a minute or so long are probably still the area you want to concentrate on. However, like Facebook these apps have a lot of users. Placing your own 15 second style video on their site could attract a lot of views!

A lot to be excited for in terms of Video Marketing as Social, Mobile, Video looks to firmly integrate itself into the Digital Marketing scene.