Putting your video in the right place

Companies and people want to make videos to portray a message and produce something on a different medium that they think will attract new and existing customers. Sure, that would work; but what if you didn’t know how to market that video?

People can invest a lot of time and money into creating a concept for a video they think will work wonders for an eager audience. What they fail to acknowledge and consider, is how they will get that video in the right places for people to see it. It’s not a hidden formula, but it’s not as easy as you think. Especially for people that aren’t usually involved in the Digital Marketing world.

At YouNeek Productions however, with a passion and skill in creating videos and a great experience working in Digital Marketing we can help you do both; create a brilliant piece of film that portrays the exact message you want, but to also advise on how and where’s best to place the video to attract the visits it deserves.

Everyone wants something for free, and luckily today, we’re willing to give it. See below for some simple tips you may or may not be aware of when looking how to broadcast a brilliant video you’ve invested in:

  1. If you are uploading the video via Youtube (recommended) take the time to update all of the titles, tags and description of the video with as much detail as possible. Google looks at these, and if they’re accurate to your website that it’s sat on or linking to, Google will favour it and push up the listings for those relevant descriptions. It works in the exact same way your website does in that respect.
  2. Put the video on your website and shout about it via Social Media. Regularly to begin with. Don’t just create a video and post it to Youtube hoping everyone will see it. Put it somewhere prominent on your website – on the homepage if it’s a general company video and put it on Facebook and Twitter along with creative and witty posts. Don’t just post the video by itself. Create a funny tagline to go with it to make people want to view it.
  3. To be a bit more creative and to actually measure some results YouNeek Productions recommend putting the video at the top of emails you send out. We ran a case study where we suggested placing a simple event video we created for a company at the top of their email to their database. It had great success – see here. So if you have a good database and this video is relative for them, send them an email with the video on. Then measure the clicks and views it gets from this simple bit of marketing to see a true reflection of if that marketing for your video works.

There are of course many other things you could do to improve the amount of people that see your video, but hopefully these small tips were enough to make you think and persuade you to choose at least one to do the next time you are looking to market your video.

Good luck!