Video is no longer a luxury

Video is no longer a luxury is the first of a short series YouNeek Productions will be producing. Born out of questions, queries and general misconceptions we hear about, we wanted to address some of this in yes, you guessed it, video form.

Within this first production, video is no longer a luxury tackles the perception that video is something that comes with large budgets, big crews and generally for other types of businesses, but their own. That is no longer the case.

Video is no longer a luxury couldn't be more true in our opinion. Where in past years it has been considered something only large businesses or corporations would do, it has now become essential for the smallest businesses. It is affordable, very achievable and also adds to organic and paid advertising done by marketing teams extremely well.

We wanted to produce this series to offer our advice and expertise. Firstly to show that it is possible to add video to your marketing strategy, no matter your industry, product or service. Or size of business. You can see by our examples of product, promotional and animated videos how varied and useful they can be on all platforms.

Those videos have been used as part of paid advertising campaigns, organic social posts, website content and for events. Once the video is produced, it can be re-used in many areas and in many different ways. Already making it more cost effective than people used to believe. Proving again that video is no longer a luxury.

As for the cost, we price it based on time and the quality you get from the content and the relationship. This means that we work out a schedule that allows for the most efficiency in time shooting. Meaning you get more content out of us with the amount of videos we then produce. Again, making it more cost effective and less of a luxury.

Video is no longer a luxury.

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