St Mary’s Church, Warwick

St Mary's Church in Warwick is a centrepiece that can be seen all around the local area.

Whilst being out in the evening, we took some shots of this beautiful church lit up. It wasn't for any other use but our own. Short, sharp, powerful content like this is a template for how other businesses could utilise video on their social platforms.

By creating this content of St Mary's Church in Warwick, we wanted to place it on our website and social media. Not to promote the church as such. But to promote short, strong visuals and show how it looks when relevant to other businesses or landmarks.

We believe this has done it well. The music we have chosen may not be what you'd expect given the religious and cultural references of the content. We wanted to go against the grain in bringing a multi-cultural combination of features, providing atmosphere and displaying a one world mantra.

Social content is more and more powerful. Whilst some still think this is content just filmed on your phone, we hope that by creating this, it opens up your mind to having professional video right through your digital and social channels.

St Mary's Church in Warwick is a beautiful church, we hope we've done it justice in these short seconds.

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