Re-opening Launch

A re-opening launch mixed with a creative owner and ourselves was always going to make for some fun. Barbers of Warwick were reopening on 4th July, and always enjoy adding some flair with video content. This allowed us to put together something very short, impactful and different marking their return.

Using sanitising equipment in preparation for the re-opening launch, we shot just a couple of similar shots with Paul appearing waiting through the mist. Like a boss.

Barbers of Warwick are one of many retailers that have been affected by lockdown. But even more so, as a small business that relies so heavily on physical customer interactions to make money.

During the months of not being able to work it was important for these businesses to become creative. To ensure online activity was set up correctly and being advertised and marketed in the right way. Something we know Barbers of Warwick did really well.

With working closely with Barbers of Warwick for a number of years now as shown with a fairly recent video done here, we always wanted to bring a video forward for this re-opening launch, and Paul already had a couple of ideas. Some more of which, we hope to put in motion very soon.

The impact and power of a simple video like this one, can really create that pull for customers to book their next haircut in advance. Especially given everyones wait in the current circumstances. Due to a good booking app, great customer service and loyalty, Paul is booked up for the first 3 weeks of his return. This re-opening launch video was a part of keeping him in his customers and followers minds, and it's nice when it carries some style and humour too.

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