James and Hannah

Early September, out in a beautifully private Worcestershire barn YouNeek Productions had the pleasure in covering the gorgeously happy James and Hannah's wedding day.

A day full of smiles that we were only too happy to capture and portray in this short teaser.

Hannah and James had never intended a video to be such a main part of their thinking or budget when planning their wedding. However, after coming to us, understanding what gets put in and what they get out of it, they were focussed on using the right people and budget for it to look how they wanted.

That being said, like most couples, they weren't dead set on what they wanted, which enabled us to use our creativity and advice. Something we love doing. We delivered this teaser, a feature film and speeches over 3 videos. Tears, happiness, sadness, laughs and the overwhelming feeling of love were all reported back after watching the films. Not least when they shared the final films with loved ones and Grandparents.

Since the day of filming, James and Hannah have sung our praises and have been actively pushing other couples are way. A testament to them, but also to what we delivered. So much so, our Director and Camera Operator on the day was the one bringing the bridal party coffees in the morning. We love to go the extra mile!

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