Jake Nash Photography promo

Delivering a promo video for Jake Nash Photography was our pleasure. A friend, and very talented photographer, we intend to entwine our creative endeavours a lot more going forward.

At an unusual time for everyone, we went to go shoot content in Leamington Spa during the week where people were being advised to work from home and stay away from social situations. Of course, we are included. But we kept our distance from everyone and stayed outdoors throughout. The aim was to capture a Ghost Town with our video COVID TOWN.

We love working with other creative, passionate people. So this was something we were looking forward to. Jake has a huge passion for natural photography, and is so talented at a number of styles. You can see this in his promo video. Whilst we were capturing our surroundings, I wanted to let Jake take the lead so I could shoot him at work naturally. We dovetailed nicely in doing this.

Jake was definitely looking for those moments where light was better. Unfortunately it was a dull day, but Jake was looking to paint a picture of Leamington Spa and its eye catching architecture. Within the promo you can see his set up for particular shots and the outcome of those with the stills. Jake is very happy with his promo. Hopefully it can help him build his freelancing career as he has recently set out to solely focus on his passion. 100% respect for him in doing that.

We hope this promo video is a stepping stone for a few more new prospects. Getting to know who he is and wanting to involve him in projects in the future was the aim of his promo.

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