Barbers of Warwick

YouNeek Productions and Barbers of Warwick have a longstanding relationship. As a Barber, Paul is a very well established high street Barber. In addition to those specific set of skills, he also possesses a passion and knowledge for digital.

Paul has a YouTube channel and a strong social following, so video content is something he always tries to do. This piece focussing on a natural modern day hair cut was another to the collection.

Having mainly produced product videos over the last couple of years, we wanted to do an off the cough short piece mainly for the Barbers of Warwick's social channels. Paul was happy to allow us to do so and take the reigns.

On arrival, it was a case of us naturally slotting into the already comfortable environment that had been set by Barbers of Warwick for their customers. The conversation was flowing and we were following the detail.

We didn't want to direct anything Paul was doing differently as we wanted to fit around him and allow the situation to maximise it's natural feel. That wasn't difficult given the camaraderie and ambience created beforehand.

When it came to the edit we kept creative control to keep the production in line with the vision we set out with. Using our digital marketing knowledge we went about editing a short piece under a minute that would flow quickly, directly, with detail and a natural sense of comfort in the whole process.

The song was chosen by the Barbers of Warwick beforehand, as this fits into their general branding and ethos, but with that came a sharp interpretation of a modern day hair cut in a proud and established Barbers.

We are not aware of the full set of analytics, but we do understand that on Twitter especially this video ramped up a quick multiple hundred views in the first day. Something Paul was very impressed with.

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