Asian Wedding Teaser

As a guest, we have been to many Asian Weddings, and they are always unbelievably fantastic, elegant, glamorous and welcoming events. Having been asked to film and edit this mixed Asian wedding we were privileged and extremely excited.

It was a spring wedding that was predominantly celebrated at the beautiful family home in Warwickshire.

This was a new wedding project that we were taking on, but one we had been patiently waiting to do. It was fairly last minute in terms of the decision to have the wedding filmed, but one we were able to accommodate. Uniquely, this request came from the Bride's Mum.

Along the editing route we learned so much about the wedding itself and the process for the families requirements. The running time of the feature film is expected to be a lot longer, with as many family members as possible playing integral parts during the film.

Naturally, over 2 days, the amount of content captured is huge making the edit longer, but also broader in terms of how it plays out. There are moments during the pre-wedding ceremony we decided to play out the bride and groom's events simultaneously. This was received extremely well, with the family really surprised and happy with the way it was done.

Considering our background and upbringing isn't within the Sikhism culture and weddings we were learning so much. However, the best feedback we could have received was how well we had all the important parts covered. The Bride's Mum was very impressed with the final video.

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