Our Portfolio

YouNeek Productions portfolio covers a wide range of industries such as Corporate, Product, Promotional, Social and Original Productions.

To date, we have worked alongside companies and brands such as Audi, Maserati, Volkswagen, Special Olympics, Lawn Tennis Association, Warwick Racecourse and Leicester De Montfort University.

We are excited to work on many more projects to add to our portfolio with companies and brands across wider industries, both locally and nationwide. Alongside this, we bring expertise in Digital Marketing and Advertising to support your productions long after we've delivered the final video. Projects we can deliver expertise to include Events, Promotional, Product, How To, Online and Social videos.

2021 Showreel – To Date

2021 Showreel – To Date Our 2021 Showreel to date comes alongside our brand new animated branding. Both of which give us a huge sense of pride and excitement. So…

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New Animated Branding

New Animated Branding Our brand new animated branding is now here, and we are very excited to share it with you all! This was part of collaboration a project with…

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Hart & Co – IndyLeam

Hart & Co provided us with the location for the next shoot for the IndyLeam series. As this was shot in lockdown while bars and restaurants were still closed, we…

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Fox and Vivian – IndyLeam

Fox and Vivian were the client for this short clip as briefed by IndyLeam. Combining clients and contacts for this job was a lot of fun. Co-ordinated by the lads…

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PEAK Session – Emotionally Connected

PEAK Session – Emotionally Connected PEAK Sessions are the next stage of our great relationship with Dr Suzanne Brown and Emotionally Connected, which we are thoroughly enjoying. The PEAK Session…

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Production Studio Teaser

This Production Studio Teaser is very concise. At 10 seconds, this teaser shows you that the Production Studio has professional equipment in a modern setting with a live customer in…

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