Our Portfolio

YouNeek Productions portfolio covers a wide range of industries such as Corporate, Product, Promotional, Social and Original Productions.

To date, we have worked alongside companies and brands such as Audi, Maserati, Volkswagen, Special Olympics, Lawn Tennis Association, Warwick Racecourse and Leicester De Montfort University.

We are excited to work on many more projects to add to our portfolio with companies and brands across wider industries, both locally and nationwide. Alongside this, we bring expertise in Digital Marketing and Advertising to support your productions long after we've delivered the final video. Projects we can deliver expertise to include Events, Promotional, Product, How To, Online and Social videos.

Now not later

Now not later is a message we have been sharing for a long long time. But now, more than ever is it really ringing true for so many people. Now…

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Likes and Followers

Likes and Followers is a common topic of discussion for us with clients. Therefore it made sense to put our recommendation and advice into a short video for you. We…

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Video is no longer a luxury

Video is no longer a luxury is the first of a short series YouNeek Productions will be producing. Born out of questions, queries and general misconceptions we hear about, we…

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Goalkeeper Training Sessions

Filming these Goalkeeper training sessions was a lot of fun. The purpose is to use them as promotion for Coaches and Clubs who have high level coaching, and use content…

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Product Advertising

Creating videos for Product Advertising was something we had been discussing with this client for a while now. Given the circumstances retail is in this year, having strategies to support…

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Luxury House Promo

Whilst searching for a luxury house to replace summer holidays that were cancelled, we came across some beautiful houses and websites. Most of which didn’t have a video with them.…

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