Wedding Video teaser

This wedding video teaser is slightly different to previous ones we've done due to the length of the video. Apart from the fact it was mine and my Wife's video, we decided it felt right to have the content we did rather than a time constraint for it.

Wedding video teasers can be flexible with length, but the point of them is that it is still a teaser. A shorter version of the highlights of your day. Usually the version you'd share with friends, family and online. Close family and friends would love to watch the whole day with you too, but that version is more personal for the couple.

At YouNeek Productions we find the wedding video teaser really critical for the overall feeling and feedback of the wedding experience for a couple.

Having now been on both sides of this I can see how this is perfect during the excitement, come down and memory of the whole day. As we all know, weddings go extremely fast on the day and can become somewhat of a blur. Memories are made and shared for the days after and keep you on cloud 9 right up until a potential honeymoon.

In our experience, we have often delivered a wedding video teaser to the couple while they are on honeymoon. This can typically be created and sent within a week of the wedding. Imagine the feeling when on your honeymoon, soaking a beautiful holiday in, still reminiscing on your amazing day and then you're hit with a wedding video teaser that encapsulates the most poignant moments into a film specifically made for you.

I couldn't tell you how many times we've watched our teaser. It is special to us, and only really shows us 2 main parts of our day incorporating a part of the speech. The ceremony and first dance. They are extremely romantic parts of the day that the couple wants to treasure forever. For YouNeek Productions, this makes the wedding video teaser essential for your package with us. It goes without saying that the full film comes with it, but both are made for you and will remain with you forever.

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