Introducing TheGame. Why do football fans go back to their clubs games week in and week out? Despite regular feelings of heartbreak, frustration and anger. Let alone being taken on a roller coaster of emotion.

This is what we wanted to look at in an upcoming documentary project YouNeek Productions will be creating.

This particular video is a demo as to what the episodes will contain. The demo is purely of the game day, with no characters leading the story, but it gives an insight into what can be seen, felt and enjoyed during a football match.

Enjoy and keep your eyes out for our series coming out later this year.

Music credits - Chris Malinchak - Ringo (Original Mix) and Kygo - Piano Jam

Where do I start with this project? It has been born purely out of the love for the game and how I view live football games I've been to with my Dad, my friends and now my son. The feeling is incomparable, and the nature of how and why fans turn up week in and week out is fascinating. I've gone home on Saturday afternoons (majority of the time) hating my team and vowing not to go back. But I do. Gladly. Why?

This game that was recorded for TheGame demo is an English Non-League match that has a lot riding on it at the time of filming for the home team, Solihull Moors. A local team to us, with local fans, which makes for extra tension, passion and emotion. Not for us personally, but for the fans there on the day.

We are creating a series for West Midlands football clubs around some of their most devoted fans. It's to understand why they go to each and every game despite the pain it may cause them. To learn about their traditions, experiences, family background as to how they became a fan of that club.

The stories available around this concept are golden. We've already learnt this when developing the concept with fans of Coventry City. Unfortunately we couldn't get that episode off the ground in the 2018/19 season due to the owners of the club blocking all media. With EFL's help, we're hoping this will be the first episode that we can release for TheGame.

The demo was shot all with a handheld DSLR. It wasn't necessarily a demo I wanted to create for the cinematography, more the story and feeling it created. I was with my son on the day so I shot it very much as a rogue reactive videographer. Editorially it varied from an 8 minute piece, 5, 4 and then 2 minutes as I realised this had to be a short demo to introduce the series. Not an episode, as it wasn't yet character led.

Each time I watched it back before uploading the video, I genuinely got goosebumps when the crowd reacts to the goal. I hope to give this feeling to all viewers who watch this demo, and hopefully the series.


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