Squab Group – Student Animation

Squab Group are now embracing a video strategy throughout the rest of 2018 and into 2019. YouNeek Productions are the people in place to produce new ideas for the productions Squab require.

The first project was concentrating on their student audience  with storage for the student market. In particular, overseas students. Animation was the method we decided would best share the offering and process of booking through the Squab Group website.

There were many elements to consider during the pre-production of this project. The main one was whether the video and promotion would be better suited to live footage or animation. Animation was eventually chosen for the following reasons:

  1. Social Media audiences can engage with short animated videos better
  2. Branding would supplement animation as Squab's branding is bright and bold
  3. We can use text and voiceover to support web/social videos played with and without audio
  4. It describes the process simplest and easiest for the viewer
  5. Animation will hold a longevity that will eventually be longer than live footage
  6. As a key audience member, overseas students who may not use English as a first language need to be able to engage with the video - animation does this better than live footage

With those reasons agreed, we went about creating a script with Doodle Direct. The voiceover was carefully chosen to be someone of a younger adult nature to appeal with the student audience. Throughout the process we had storyboards, drafts and voiceover extracts to approve and decide on. All were carefully reviewed and selected with Squab Group and Doodle Direct.

Now the Student Animation is produced, YouNeek Productions and Squab Group are going to promote the video on the most efficient channels for the selected audience. Coming up to summer it is key the messaging and promotions are done from now. Social platforms will be priority.

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