Social Video Campaign

Our latest project brings our most complete package incorporating social video and our natural creativity with video production. It has been a pleasure nurturing this project. Right through from its infancy through to the end ROI value we were able to share with our client.

A new form of marketing for this venue based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, they wanted to explore an avenue to showcase their new location as visually as possible. Whilst of course delivering leads that they could convert.

With that in mind and in sights, we set about the social video project immediately. With full confidence that what we could deliver would go beyond their expectations.

The outset of this project was really built by YouNeek Productions. Something we pride ourselves on. Our client listened to our skills and started to hear out our suggestions of creating a social video to supplement their new venue. Utilising video and social media made sense to them. Especially as having us as the experts.

We created a short social video giving snippets of their venue that would go live on Christmas Day. This would last until the end of January. The aim being that the social video would be seen by the most relevant and engaged audiences for which would make enquiries and bookings.

Using our expertise, knowledge and experience we were able to pin point those audiences and explore new ones. A common mistake made by others is setting your marketing net too far and wide. This doesn't need to be the case for a successful campaign.

By the time the campaign had reached its conclusion and spend, we had some hugely impressive results to share with our client. It immediately proved that social video works. Not just with figures and results, but by the word of mouth feedback they had being so positive.

Our campaign delivered a 733% ROI within a month of being live.


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