Social Snippets

This social snippet for Emotionally Connected was created within a series we produced for them.

We showed how a project can create relevant and useful social content, even if not specifically briefed. This is about being cost effective and time efficient. We are Digital Marketing experts so we use these skills along with our production quality to bring you as much benefit as possible.

Social snippets like this can be created for all projects. Often with multiple snippets for our clients to use at different times in the future.

Social snippets are essential parts of a businesses marketing strategy. We know this. We want to ensure you're getting more than you expect with YouNeek Productions.

As well as delivering your brief, we generate enough content on the day to produce additional clips. These vary from 0-15 seconds to 15-30 seconds. They are incredibly useful for Social Media stories, as posts, or on your website. Social snippets are re-useable and relevant for multiple pages across your website e.g. homepage, services, FAQs, About Us.

Editorially, we make adjustments to this style of content. Aspects like original audio won't be used. Instead we use more energetic copyright free music, increased use of slow motion footage, quicker cuts and visually appealing shot selection. With social snippets, the time you have to capture the viewer is minimal so the content needs to have an impact immediately.

We share this knowledge with you and exceed expectations when delivering your brief. This is done by producing extra material and advising you on how to utilise them. It really is our pleasure!

Overall, social snippets were a part of the project Suzanne and Emotionally Connected hadn't expected. It went above and beyond. That is essential for us to deliver. Even if you don't ask, we promise we will bring you our very best advice, every time.

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