Promotional Brand Launch

What a fun project this was! Working on the Artiste Apparel promotional brand launch during summer 2021, we started on the concept, through to production and post production for launch.

Ashley had set his brand up a few months before speaking with us. He was already operating with a website and taking orders, but he always wanted a brand launch video alongside announcing his clothing brand. In we stepped.

YouNeek Productions have the skill and ability to provide a full service from concept of idea creation, sourcing a crew, completing the production along with photographers and then completing the concept within the edit. We did all of these parts for Artiste Apparel.

Brand Lunch photography femaleAs part of this promotional brand launch we supplied photography as well. You can see some pictures we supplied within this section here. One of the reasons this project was so fun for us was because we were provided the licence to create a concept for the brand launch video from scratch. We worked with the ethos of Artiste Apparel and the elements that make them unique.

There were plenty of these, but the ones we took away as most important for the brand launch video were creative, local and natural. Knowing these things helped us prepare our concept. We did plenty of recces to find the right spots locally to fit, but also wanted the models involved to act natural, feel natural and be doing every day activities. Hopefully you can get a good feel for this in the final video. In regards to the edit, we made it retro.

Brand launch photography maleThe colour tone and the effects used give it an "edgy" vibe, which hit the spot for Artiste Apparel. The video was for a brand launch across all platforms. It sits proudly front and centre of their website and was shared across all social media platforms for maximum awareness.

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