Professional Counts

In the final part of the series, we’re looking at why it’s absolutely essential to use a professional team from the outset.

When creating videos for your business, using a professional team will really count now and in the future.

We come across plenty of people and businesses who are willing to try video by themselves, on their phone or through a family friend who will do it for nothing. All of which might work out great. However, if it is your business, and your business has an image or persona that you've been building, moulding and caring for, then getting a video done professionally will really support maintaining that.

All of the videos on our website have been done professionally. With top spec equipment, working industry professionals and planned out from start to finish accordingly. The end product is what highlights that Professional Counts. It is a subject we really enjoy discussing.

Educating people who run businesses that like the idea of video, but are unsure of the budget allocation it needs or to what level they should be aiming for, is all essential to us providing a professional service. Armed with that knowledge we hope they can then make a better, informed decision in the future. With us of course!

Having YouNeek Productions by your side from the start will benefit your business immensely. Not only will we provide that professional service you need, we will educate, support and provide content that will have longevity to your strategies. What I mean by this is that what you gain from working with us will provide you with knowledge and content that has multiple uses for months and maybe years ahead. It will also enable you to take the knowledge you've learnt and put it into areas of your business you hadn't considered benefitting from video.

Our best example of how Professional Counts is through a recent Training Module for a client that wanted to learn how they could do elements of the process themselves. They can, and have learnt so much to support that. However, they have admitted not realising just how much expertise is involved in the end to end process of making a video. We are positive they aren't the only ones either.

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