Production Studio Teaser

This Production Studio Teaser is very concise. At 10 seconds, this teaser shows you that the Production Studio has professional equipment in a modern setting with a live customer in the studio. All that with some quirky effects in just 10 seconds.

Whilst all the shots are quick paced and built in a way to whet the viewers appetite, they leave a feeling of wanting more. Adding some fun at the start of the video with the production style effect means the Production Studio Teaser is on trend and looking to create a demand.

The Production Studio Teaser was created for 1 Mill Street. Located in Leamington Spa, the Production Studio provides professional equipment for the members and public. It can be used for podcasts, interviews plus any form of production that requires recording with GoPro video footage and professional audio.

We love it there. We were very happy to be able to put our expertise to use for this component of the building. Making a video of the Production Studio could have gone many different ways. However, we opted for short with a less is more brief. We were allowed to take the reigns on this and both us and the client were very happy with what we created.

This is the type of video we would provide as part of a package for a client. It may not be on the original brief, nevertheless we are able to pick up on these selling points for a company and get creative with them.

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