Product Advertising

Creating videos for Product Advertising was something we had been discussing with this client for a while now. Given the circumstances retail is in this year, having strategies to support normal revenue is essential.

This product advertising was done for 5 products that the client will be promoting on their website and social channels in the build up to Christmas. What's great is that creating 5 means they can be rotated, re-used and last longer.

Barbers of Warwick are a long time client where it is a two way relationship. They listen to our suggestions, and we listen to their ideas and what's important to their business. This time round, it was us suggesting Product Advertising as a way of finding more business through their other revenue stream. Our client knows how Social Advertising works and often uses Google Adwords to promote their products, but this is the first time they are doing it with video.

Our suggestion, which can be understood more on our Advertising page, was to create a number of videos that can work alongside the Product Advertising they're already doing. We've done it before with our Social Case Study and have the results to show just how effective a campaign can be with video. The benefits for our client was that no more than half a day was required to shoot these 5 videos. They were all set in the same area within the shop, so once lighting, camera and positions were set we were able to roll the products on and off. Editing was also simple once a template was found with style, font and messaging.

This made them very time and cost effective. The videos can then be re-used across their social channels, multiple times over the coming months. They can sit on product pages on the website and then directly on the advert. All of which are extremely useful, and bring many advantages from more effective spend on adverts, better SEO on the website and new and fresh content on social channels.

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