Planning for the future

Planning for the future is an important activity to review for all businesses at certain points of the year. However, this year, of all years, it has been essential for companies to assess processes, goals and where they're going.

Video is a huge part of planning for the future. This video was produced as a summary to a presentation we hosted for the Talk Business Group. We wanted to show how easy it was to summarise a 30 minute presentation into a 30 second video. We did just that. Video should definitely be a part of a business' planning for the future, and this provides a good example as to why.

During our presentation for planning for the future, we spoke about 2021 providing people with a new shop window. A new priority list when it comes to budgeting, and how to change perspective on how much video can affect business in a positive way.

Going into further detail, our view on planning for the future is centralised around video. Of course, that's what we do. But we tied in 3 main components to share our thoughts on it. Video is now and forever, banks of content and content is king.

With video is now and forever, it is to hone in on the fact that we all use video regularly as consumers, but plenty of businesses haven't yet tapped into it as a revenue driver. Banks of content is one of our favourite phrases during 2020/2021. In times where we can't open shops, offices and use normal working methods, video provides a way of continuing to sell products and services, sharing content with your audiences and keeping you front of mind with the public. Successful businesses have pivoted this extremely quickly and efficiently.

Finally, content is king. It is exactly that. Using video as your chosen content can tick all the boxes. Including keeping your audiences updated, promoting engagement, providing visual as well as informative content and being a great way to use emotive storytelling to keep driving revenue.

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