PEAK Session – Emotionally Connected

PEAK Session - Emotionally Connected

PEAK Sessions are the next stage of our great relationship with Dr Suzanne Brown and Emotionally Connected, which we are thoroughly enjoying. The PEAK Session as seen here, take place every month at 1 Mill Street.

YouNeek Productions produce these videos (as well as other modules) as a live recording that has the feel of a live audience studio set up. It works really well and creates a feeling of authenticity for the location and how Suzanne engages with people.

We decided to shoot these sessions in a particular way. As mentioned they are produced in a live studio manner. This aspect gives the production credibility when on set. However we try not to apply additional pressure to speakers or guests.

With that in mind, we do actually participate as and when we see appropriate in group discussions. That is the nature of us. We are engaged, natural and want to fit into the audience or group to immerse ourselves completely.

The footage for these sessions is very much a "behind the scenes" approach. We took inspiration from interviews we like to watch. Ones that aren't one dimensional of the speaker, but create atmosphere and perspective. With these shots you get a real sense of location, engagement and participation. All of which are important for Suzanne and the sessions.

PEAK Sessions have great retention for Emotionally Connected. We are currently editing the 5th episode, with full episodes going out on YouTube. The PEAK Session teasers are published on social media.

We believe we've added production value to these PEAK Sessions from Emotionally Connected. The content, however is amazing and well worth joining and sharing.

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