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This is an Online Training Course introduction with Block Commerce. Online Training Courses have become very popular for us throughout COVID and we can see why.

Block Commerce want to provide a subscription service around Bitcoin and Crypto Currency for businesses. Something that we agree will be a big part of our future. We shot two courses initially, with plans to complete the full online training course in 2022.

Pre-Production on this project was again key and pays tribute to how we connect with our clients. The brief was designed from the start with YouNeek Productions so it was a collaboration rather than a set in stone brief.

The way Tom at Block Commerce wants his online training courses to be used is very clever and particular. It meant we had to take things into consideration when planning, filming and editing.

The online training courses would be a total of 6-8 minutes, however they were going to be broken down into modules. They will be interspersed with quotes, images, statistics to make the course diverse, but also easier to follow. This makes sense once you begin to listen to the content that's provided.

Online training course - Block CommerceFrom a production perspective, we utilised one location that wasn't sterile and clinical in its surroundings. We wanted a warmth, professional tone to be clear from where the training was being delivered. This will be consistent for future courses as well.

In total, one course had 7 modules. As they were short, they were digestible, but we did use stock footage to enable particular points to hit stronger. Block Commerce were very happy with this approach so it gave them variety within the course delivery.

With the online training course being a subscription service, the quality of production had to match the expert content. Tom was delighted with this aspect and can see further ahead how all of them will link together.

As it is part of a new venture the website, branding and videos had to all work together and have synergy. This is what pleased the client most.

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