On Location Interview

The Project.

As part of our project with the Architects, we incorporated this interview. It is important to show interviews as a standalone as they work well in so many different instances.

Whilst we were set up to deliver an 'in progress' promotional video, we always look to put more on the table. Part of this was an interview with the Project Manager, who perfectly explains the detail.

This can be used as a standalone insight to the team and project. It also slots in very well to the overall promotional video, working well as a voiceover and bringing a human element to the visuals.


As mentioned in the social clip of the Architects we have in our portfolio, the brief was largely open. We were shooting day 1 of 2 for a promotional shoot of their Trecco Bay structure. This included drone footage, on the ground footage and photos. It wasn't raised during the brief stage to include an interview. It was thought that the short promotional video would have audio from music only.


The brief was completely solid for us to work with, but also add creativity. We did this in a few ways, but one of those was to ensure we set up an interview or two.

It wasn't briefed in as such, but we knew an interview with the Project Manager would add good content that could be versatile for the main video. It also has credibility within pages like Meet the Team and gives personality and life across the brand. Something we always recommend as part of our consultation and then production.


We were very happy being able to deliver two interviews. This is one of those. It works as a standalone when introducing this individual project. But also into Fabric Architecture's services and skills as the Project Manager discusses the struggles and solutions. As a voiceover it fits perfectly alongside the visuals of the 'in progress' footage, which elevates the whole project.

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