Now not later

In Now not Later we explore why the time for businesses to jump onto video during such unprecedented times really is NOW.

From this we are confident you will see how influential and imperative it is to keep video content as part of your future strategy. Now not later is a message that we want local, small to medium businesses to hear. In a time where shops are having to close, the digital shop window is taking centre stage and needs the right tools to shine.

By promoting the now not later message, we are promoting a proactive method in a very reactive situation. For everyone. Yes, certain businesses could have been utilising video content long before COVID. However, we could not foresee this pandemic coming. With our expertise and experience in video production and how to get the most out of them, we can see how integral this will be for many businesses.

The shops, cafes, restaurants and activities that have had to close and pause really rely on the personal experience and connection to thrive. That is being taken away from us. For now. So we need to figure out how else we reach our customers. An amazing example include restaurants providing DIY kits for burgers or pizzas, supplying the ingredients for customers to make at home. Promoting these through videos on their website and social channels has proved to be a huge success.

We are all being forced to think outside of the box. Putting video at the forefront of that thinking, and placing a now not later attitude to it could make the difference in surviving or thriving the next few months. Focussing on your digital shop window by creating short, regular video content in these times will bring you new audiences, refresh and delight your currents customers and also bring extra awareness to you as a business trying to continue in a very difficult time.

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