New Animated Branding

New Animated Branding

Our brand new animated branding is now here, and we are very excited to share it with you all!

This was part of collaboration a project with DesignMC Ltd who we have big plans with for the future. Shout out to Matt and the team! The whole concept building of it has been amazing. Which I guess is expected given the outcome is solely for our use.

The aim is to use this new animated branding as a header to all of our videos going forward, which we've done for our 2021 showreel. It will also work as a standalone piece to our marketing.

On the whole, we were happy with our existing branding and logo. When entering into the discussion about changing what we had, we didn't want it to be a complete restart. More of a refresh. The DesignMC team were brilliant in understanding that with us.

YouNeek Productions has stood alongside its current branding since the start in 2013. Refreshing it was a decision that aligned to how we're evolving and growing. Originally we didn't have an animated ident, however, this was something we were keen to add to our assets.

Simple in its essence. The new animated branding is built to be simple, clean and concise. It is 8 seconds in length and has sound affects to match the visuals. The visuals themselves come forward in an explosion out of the "Play" button within the logo. That play button has been a part of our logo since the beginning too.

The elements that pop out of the logo are highlighted to share the individual services we offer to clients. These include Videography, Editing, Photography, Lighting and Audio. We obviously do more, but having these core services included with subtle hints of movement was perfect for this project.

Having new animated branding is very exciting for us. It is something we see working over a long term strategy online and in person. There will also be an offer involving this video during August 2021 so visit our Instagram page to find out more.

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