Meet the Team

A Meet the Team video is a very powerful way of showing people inside your business. It allows outsiders to see the faces, personalities and relationships in your company.

This Meet the Team video wasn't briefed in by the client as part of their series we created for them. We put it together from the content we had captured and edited it in a more raw and honest format.

The meet the team video turned out to be the most popular one in the series. It was a suggestion made by the team at YouNeek Productions when discussing which services needed to be highlighted for the client.

Naturally, there were a number of services they wanted to ensure had their own video. For the pages on the website and to showcase a more visual way of what they do in those areas. Whilst all of those were fine, and we were able to create a plan for, we made it clear that over 2 days of filming we will be able to capture plenty of content that would be worth sharing. In a different style.

It wouldn't be of their team necessarily standing up right, remembering the words they'd prepared, looking directly at the camera and remaining composed. No, this video would contain the moments of mess ups, sipping coffee, laughing at the team behind the camera and genuine cuts that provide the best possible insight for whose these people are and who the company is that they represent. Making it the best possible content for people to connect with.

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