Magenta Storage – Drone Video

We love drone video. And we know we aren't the only ones either! Magenta Storage put drone video at the top of their request list for this series of videos. So this is what we'll lead with.

Magenta Storage have been a brilliant client, but we really managed to wow them with this introductory drone video. Everything from then became easier and hit all their wants and needs to a tee.

Working with a storage client wasn't our first time as we had a really strong relationship with these guys locally too. We used the experience of that to assist with this project.

The planning of this video and the following 5 videos we created took many months. As you can imagine COVID played a part as to when we were able to shoot these. April was the month we shot them, and May/June was when the complete package was delivered.

The first of the videos we shared with Magenta was the Introductory drone video. We won't lie, we knew it was good. We knew the brief was met exactly, we knew we had added editorial creativity on it. The reaction was WOW, amazing feedback and a sign off without any amends. That does not happen often.

With drone video a lot of the hard work is done in the planning, both in the location and in the directing. Our Creative Director for the day, had not long before won another BAFTA for a production he worked with drone videographers on. This level of expertise is what we bring to our productions, and you can see how from the production.

Drone video really benefitted from this location and project due to the stature of the building and how new it was. Plus, it was based in North London so the backdrop was visually appealing. It also added a selling point for potential visitors knowing that it is close to the capital.

The drone visuals were sped up, slowed down, reversed and followed the beat of the song to bring everything together perfectly. This was a hugely satisfying project and hopefully you will share our enthusiasm for the final outcome.

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