Luxury House Promo

Whilst searching for a luxury house to replace summer holidays that were cancelled, we came across some beautiful houses and websites. Most of which didn't have a video with them. When visiting this particular house, we created a teaser for them leading to this luxury house teaser we bring you here.

The aim is similar to many other venue videos we create. You don't want to give too much away so that the appeal and desire is still there, but you want to showcase and tease it as best as possible. This is what we've delivered.

Luxury houses are easy to shoot for the fact that they are beautiful and ready to be captured. We took advantage of this and shot as much as we could, but edited it into a teaser that was short and left you wanting to know more.

This type of video is perfect for social platforms and the website. Luxury house teasers should be used as much as they can, due to them normally having a luxury price to go with the features they provide. But also because customers can't usually view them in person before. They are basing the booking on what they see digitally. As we all know, people react emotively to visuals. Photo's are great, but videos are utilised much more in this day and age, plus more successful.

We are specialists in this area. We love creating stories and content for digital platforms. You can view other great examples we have on our Social Portfolio.

In posting this on our own account on Instagram, 3 leads were generated within 12 hours. Questions were being asked about the luxury house, and more details about website links and prices. This was through our own social account, so who knows what performance it could have had when directed to this providers direct audiences.

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