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Look Local are a great company that have been supporting small businesses and local traders around West Midlands. It was great to work with Look Local at the end of 2020 providing them with a series of 4 videos. The project went into 2021 in line with their own schedule and timings.

YouNeek Productions were brought on board to create content their team had in their minds, but had no experience on how to translate it into content they could use. Fortunately, we did. The process was a complete start to finish project. One that we are all proud of.

From the beginning, Look Local made it clear they had ideas, however they needed help translating it into a storyboard. After seeing one of our videos on Twitter, they reached out and begun the Pre-Production journey with us. After a few meetings, we had agreed on a series of videos that would suit their requirements and budget. Utilising 2 full days filming, we were able to plan the logistics around multiple locations, COVID guidelines, staff availability and the storyboards themselves.

The videos we created were around their core services. Print Services, Leaflet Delivery, About and a Look Local Overview, which is what you can see here. Other videos can be found in this series on our Vimeo channel.

Look Local were great in allowing us to direct and create the content they needed. We knew they didn't have experience of video production before, therefore we ensured they were comfortable when on camera and were kept up to date with where we were in the process. Within the edit, we worked with them to ensure the final content they received was exactly what they wanted. There are a total of 16 videos. This was due to each franchise having their own details as the sign off. How they will be utilised and marketed will be down to Look Local, nonetheless, we do hope to see them online very soon as that part of the process is very important as you can read here.

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