Likes and Followers

In video two we explore the misconception that the number of likes, and followers automatically define your success.

We will start with an outsiders viewpoint: Likes and followers define your success, and the more the better.

Our advice is the opposite. The number is less relevant, so don't get caught in that mindset. It is quality over quantity in this case. Following on from our first in the series, we will tell you why and explain it here.

Businesses will often see that their company a certain amount of likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram or Twitter. For this example let's call it 250 likes and 400 followers. A business owner will automatically search their competitors and see they have twice as many. From here, without a detailed understanding they would assume they are behind their competitors in this regard and an action must be done to improve it.

However, a detailed understanding is what is required on your likes and followers before any action may need to be taken at all. Of that 250 likes and 400 followers, you might have some amazingly loyal customers who give you great reviews and regularly refer you. You may also have repeat customers within those people, and like keeping up to date with your posts. This is the quality part of your following. Especially on social media where typically it's not used as a sales pitch place. It is more of an awareness space.

For comparison, the competitor with double may have built their likes and followers with family members, staff and friends. Their engagement because of this could be a lot lower. Ultimately, having a following that is more artificial than your own. Yours has been built up genuinely, and from your actual customer base.

The numbers won't define popularity or success for your business. The ones who do like and follow you, look after them and keep delivering the best content for those people.

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