Micheldever Internal Video

The Project.

Micheldever's project was a big one for us, as it combined exciting production elements. For Micheldever, they were looking for a video to match their 50th anniversary for an internal corporate event.

As it was predominantly for internal purposes, it meant there were criteria that had to be met, however ones we had flexibility with.

There was budget to fit the requirements, which did allow us ideas and the opportunity to explore them.

Overall, this internal video combined live footage, drone, animation, voice over and archive material to create the project we've delivered. The full video can be found here.


One of the main points from the brief was to be different. Different from their industry and from what they've done before. We like different!

The brief did contain specifics on a script, which wasn't completed by the client until after production. In hindsight, we should have taken control of this before production. It would have allowed us time to prepare the right footage and flow for the internal video. The script dictated the length as there was plenty that needed to be included. The version on this page is the additional promotional version we created from the brief.


There were 5 plus locations required for filming where we put even more days into capturing the right footage and interviews to hit the brief. YouNeek Productions utilised two Directors and a small crew of two videographers and one drone operator. We suggested adding animation to tell the story of the brand in a more interesting way. This was agreed, with animation then playing an integral part to the finished piece.

In addition, a specific voiceover played a large part in telling the story in a different way. Using a female voice was done to break away from the male-dominated industry and to provide a different perspective on the story.


The outcome was amazing. The internal video was delivered in time for the deadline of the companies conference. So timing wise, we had succeeded. There were difficulties with the length, because we were suggesting a shorter version and the script was longer than expected. Micheldever insisted the message had to be told in full, which together, we made work. Going the extra mile, we delivered a shorter version, which supplemented the main one and can be used for multiple external purposes too.

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