How to pair a device

This video was done to help and show you how to pair a device. It is something that confuses many people when buying a new car, but it is something that is only realised once they are home and in the car unless the kind salesman has already demonstrated it.

Even if they have done, some people tend to forget. To help with this confusing, but rather quite simple task YouNeek Productions offered Now Vauxhall a solution, with a lot of their Aftersales team being called upon in the dealership for assistance on this problem.

With Now Vauxhall already receiving a great volume of traffic and having their own TV page it seemed sensible to add to their videos, which in this case was their ‘How To’ section. With most cars these days sporting a nice Bluetooth set up so that you can listen to music and make calls through your stereo we recommended showing a short video of how to set this up. We felt it would be beneficial for the new and returning visitors coming to their website whether they have purchased a car from you or not. If they haven’t it’s an excellent chance to show them how helpful you are and to gain further trust into your company.

This is where the ‘How to pair a device’ video came about.

It is short and informative, but it really doesn’t need to be anything more. You could watch this video once or twice and go away and do it. You only need the video once essentially, as once it’s set up its done. It is also handy to share with friends and family who you think may have similar problems.

This video example was done in a Vauxhall Mokka and the majority of the Vauxhall models that have a Bluetooth feature follow a similar instruction path. However, it may be worth noting that this method won’t necessarily work on all cars.

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