How To pack Pots and Pans

As you may know, we at YouNeek Productions delivered around 20 or so How To videos for Squab Group as part of their ongoing work with the local Storage and Removals company. This was mainly around the how to pack element.

Initially, the series was only going to be for a few videos. After working closely with them and Squab Group realising the scope, we broke plenty of possible How To videos down into a small series that can now be found on their website.

As a Storage and Removals company, the services Squab Group offer extend far and wide. Many of which they cater themselves, some of which they offer for customers to do themselves. For example, supply boxes for customers to pack themselves.

In that particular instance, the question of how to pack a number of household items when moving comes up. As it's a service they offer, but isn't mandatory, it can take a lot of time explaining those questions. With the help of YouNeek Productions, they decided to deliver a number of videos to help customers pack correctly.

Ranging from how to build a box, right up to how to pack large electrical items, the series of videos help explain each of them.

This one in particular is how to pack pots and pans. The aim for the majority of the films is to keep within 1 minute to enable easy sharing across social media. This video hits that and should see a positive impact on their social platforms and website.

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